Nee Manasu Naaku Telusu

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Nee Manasu Naaku TelusuAdded:2013-03-08
By: mathew
Boy (Tarun) meets a girl (Trisha) over a train journey to Hyderabad from Mumbai. They both like each other, but too shy to ask the name of the other person. They leave to their respective places. But the memories of the other person keeps haunting them. They search for each other for a while. After a grotesque incident they decide to listen to the words of their parents. The girl accepts an arranged marriage proposal by her parents. Boy goes to USA for his employment. As the fate decides it, they meet each other after 3 years in a train. But this time, the girl has a small baby and the boy has a beautiful damsel sitting beside him. To know what the climax is all about, watch the film On TeluguOne
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