Asokante Aswathikkuttikku | Malayalam Full Movie

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Asokante Aswathikkuttikku | Malayalam Full MovieAdded:2013-08-06
By: starkid
This is an Evergreen Love Story bounded on political back group and coloured with humour. The story lens starts with Balan(soman). He is a Hard core Communist supporter and a very straight forward politician. He never tolerates bribes. He was such a keen person who deeply committed in the service of people. The people who're with Balan takes the advantage. The ask for bribes to people on condition for doing things on the crae off Balan. Balan's brother Asokan(asokan) gets in love with Aswathy(parvathy). As aswathy was a higher cast. Balan strictly objected that alliance. But Asokan insists on marriage. Balan slaps Asokan very badly. Later they came in to know that Aswathy was Balan's daughter..This all story nourishes through very much excitting sequences and humour . The movie takes us to a world of surprise and trills with twists..A must watch movie.
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