Climax Scene - Prema Tarangalu

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Climax Scene - Prema TarangaluAdded:2013-11-11
By: starkid
Prema Tarangalu is a Tollywood film which released on October 24, 1980. This film was directed by S. P. Chitti Babu. This film stars Krishnam Raju, Jayasudha, and Chiranjeevi. It is a remake of famous Hindi movie Muqaddar Ka Sikandar. Story : Vijay (Krishnam Raju), who is orphaned during childhood and seeks shelter at Rangarao (Kanta Rao)'s place. He gets friendly with his daughter (Sujata) but is kicked out of that house for the blame of robbery. Vijay grows up to own his own market in the city and helps Sujata's family, who lost their wealth. He meets Kumar (Chiranjeevi), who is attacked by Vijay's enemies. Vijay saves him by donating his blood and also takes care of his family. Kumar is given a job of a lawyer and he also assists Sujatha. They both fall in love while Vijay fails to express his love to Sujatha. Vijay realises the love between them and fails to separate them. Jayasudha plays a dancer, who falls in love with Vijay but is haunted by Gangulu (Satyanarayana). Gangulu is once beaten-up by Vijay and he returns in the climax and plans to stop kumar's marriage. Vijay fights with him, kills him but is also injured in the due course. He dies in the arms of Sujatha leaving Kumar with his love. For All Latest:telugu comedy movie, telugu comedy scene, telugu movie songs, telugu movie download, telugu movie songs, telugu movie audio songs, telugu new movie songs, telugu movie songs lyrics, telugu movie video songs, telugu video songs, telugu full movie online, telugu movie full, telugu full movie download,telugu movie teaser 2013,telugu movie promo songs,telugu full songs, superstar maheshbabu latest videos,1nenokkadine latest trailor, bhumika hot videos, mahesh babu latest movie teasers, maheshbabu fights, maheshbabu 1nenokkadine making videos, 1nenokkadine audio songs, 1nenokkadine video songs, telugu cinemalu,pokiri video songs, athadu video songs,maheshbabu new projects,pawan kalyan latest movies,pawan kalyan attarintiki daredi full movie,attarintiki daredi movie video songs,ramcharan all movies,yevadu movie video songs,prabhas baahubali making videos,jr ntr ramayya vasthavayya video songs,allu arjun resu gurram making videos.
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