Mahabharat - [Full Episode] - 4th February 2014 : Ep 101

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Mahabharat - [Full Episode] - 4th February 2014 : Ep 101Added:2014-02-06
By: starkid
In episode 101 of Mahabharat, aired on 4th February 2014, Draupadi stops Karna from participating in the competition Duryodhan announces that Karna will be participating in the competition on his behalf. A saint requests the Pandavas to take him to Kampilya. Dhrishtadyumna stops Karna, and tells him that he cannot represent Duryodhan in the competition. Karna tries to defend Duryodhan, but in vain. Duryodhan asks Karna to prove his capabilities, and marry Draupadi. Draupadi stops Karna from participating, and informs him that she cannot marry a man, who belongs to a lower caste than her. Who will marry Draupadi? To know more, keep watching Mahabharat... Mahabharata is a high-octane drama involving a huge array of complicated characters. It is more than a story that gives lessons and teaches us on life's morals and values. From sacred literature that brought revelations about Dharma and Karma through generations, this is the most awaited and ambitious project of Indian television, the legendary - Mahabharata.
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